This image illustrates a mystical sword, that is very important to keep the time in place, those monster are fighting for for taking control over time. Both of them are from another dimension, in each dimension they are the most powerful creatures, if they want to keep there world in peace, the only way is by winning the battle. 
-----------------------------------------⚔The short story of  the battle ⚔------------------------------------
An mp3 file for the story :DD
    In the heart of the interdimensional nexus, two titans clashed for control over the Sword of Temporal Mastery. 
    Zorthal, a creature of chaos, and Aethron, guardian of order, battled relentlessly. Their powers collided, shaking the fabric of reality. 
    In a final, desperate reach, they both seized the sword, triggering a cataclysmic explosion. When the dust settled, the sword lay shattered, its power dispersed. 
    With a mutual understanding, Zorthal and Aethron retreated, realizing that true strength lay not in dominance, but in balance. 
    And so, the interdimensional battle ended, leaving behind only echoes of their eternal struggle.
(That's a phone version of my digital illustration).

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